Berwick Court Publishing Co.

Web Design

While our primary focus is book publishing, we also design and publish websites for customers (both authors and businesses). Many of the same skills and tools that we use to design and publish content in books are effective for delivering content via the internet.

you are your website

Your online presence is a reflection of you, so make it a good one. We focus on designing websites that are modern, professional, and work across the many different devices people use to surf the web. But most importantly, we focus on websites that reflect our customer.

make it unique

The design and feel of your website must exemplify the vibe you want to convey to the world. We pride ourselves on making websites that capture the essence of our clients in a bottle. We can create anything from a simple informational site with a few pages to a sophisticated site with facebook integration, videos, user accounts, complex database integration...sites can be customized however you want. We employ the latest technologies for our projects, including (where appropriate) html5, wordpress, jquery, drupal, AJAX and Ruby on Rails.

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