Berwick Court Publishing Co.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are you an exclusively Jewish publisher?

A. Not at all. If you peruse our catalog, you will see it contains several titles by Jewish authors with Jewish themes, but there are also non-Jewish titles and authors. While we do anticipate that we will continue to publish many more quality books with Jewish themes and authors, we consider all kinds of books from all kinds of authors.

Q. Will you publish my book if I am willing to pay you?

A. Unfortunately, no. We are not a vanity/subsidy press and only publish a select few books each year that meet our editorial goals and standards. There are many companies that will help you get your book published for a fee, but that is not a service we offer.

Q. Will you edit my book if I am willing to pay you?

A. Yes, that we will do. Our in-house editor, Dave, is a top-notch professional editor who can be hired to do a la carte editing. To get a quote from Dave for editing services, contact us.