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The Legacy of Moses and Akhenaten

The Legacy of Moses and Akhenaten

Sheldon Lebold

Modern historians and scholars, beginning with Sigmund Freud, have debated the controversial theory that Pharaoh Akhenaten, vilified and deposed for establishing monotheism in Egypt, was also Moses of the Exodus. After an exhaustive examination of evidence from a variety of sources, author Sheldon Lebold suggests that crucial pieces of the story have been overlooked. Through a thoughtful analysis of ancient texts, historical documents and contemporary research, Lebold not only presents the Legacy of Moses and Akhenaten from a Jewish perspective, but also demonstrates how one man’s vision laid the foundations for Judaism as we understand it today.

In this insightful book, Lebold describes Moses/Akhenaten as both a courageous leader and a great religious theorist. Documented in its pages are the life and ideals of a man who insisted that God could be experienced in the flow of history and that religion should be expressed through ethical actions. It is the story of the pharaoh who helped define and establish the religious and ethnic identity of the Jewish people.

ISBN: 978-0988954052
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