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by Peter Katsaros

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Chicago has never been the same since Mike Royko died. A growing number of Chicagoans, overcome with grief at Royko's death and the decline of Chicago print journalism, have started an epidemic of suicides. Will God allow this epidemic to continue? You will find the answer in this book.

In this collection of short stories and essays, noted Chicago trial lawyer Peter Katsaros writes about his gorgeous town, its beloved Mike Royko in heaven, and politics in the Millenium. In a satiric and humorous style Katsaros pillories the usual suspects: Chicago politicians, religious hypocrites and his favorite target, Tea Party Republicans and their toadies.

Katsaros writes with the love and passion that he has for family, friends, faith and athletics as he encourages other Chicagoans to lace up their running shoes, run the Lakefront with friends, and leap over life's hurdles into happiness and grace.

Peter Katsaros has found the secret passageway to a happy life. He has decided to share it with all of us in this book.


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