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Grace Saves the Princess

Grace Saves the Princess

Matt Balson

Grace Saves the Princess, an illustrated children's book by Matt Balson, is not your average fairy tale. It is a story about building friendship and learning self-reliance in the face of adversity. The heroine of the story, Grace, is a fearless, self-sufficient nature-lover who finds a Princess lost and scared in the woods. Though the two girls do not see eye-to-eye at first, they are able to work together to help the Princess find her way back home. Along the way, the Princess learns that she does not have to sit around and wait for Prince Charming to come to her rescue, because she can rescue herself. The illustrations of beautiful landscapes provide the perfect backdrop for your child to imagine exploring the great outdoors as they follow the characters on their adventure. This book provides a wonderful lesson about independence, courage, and friendship that should be shared with all of the little girls (and boys) in your life.

ISBN: 978-0983884613
List Price: $9.95