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A Renaissance Man

by Peter Katsaros

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In this second collection of short stories, essays and poems, noted Chicago trial lawyer Peter M. Katsaros writes about Chicago's natural beauty and classy design as the Paris of America, probes the dark alleys of race discrimination and corruption in the state courts and then, refusing to allow despair to overcome him, turns to his favorite topic—his Greek heritage.

Katsaros fears that law in Chicago may only be the illusion of justice. The lead story’s Judge Donut, a corpulent jurist who is a pimple on the face of lady justice, exemplifies the problem. But is Judge Donut truly a caricature, or might he fit in a little too well at the Daley Center?

Are the state courts in Chicago mired in corruption, indifference, mediocrity or a stew of all three? How many Chicago lawyers look at their clients like gold to be mined? The author challenges the reader, detectives and investigative journalists to find out.

In the tradition of Harry Mark Petrakis, Mike Royko, Nelson Algren and Studs Terkel, Katsaros writes about the struggles facing 21st century Chicago. ls it a city on the make or a city on the take? Or is it both?

Peter Katsaros displays a buoyancy and toughness that Chicagoans need to rid their town of its corrupt ways once and for all. He then turns tender and personal, speaking in both prose and poetry about the things nearest to his heart. A Renaissance Man is a fast, fun read that will leave you feeling like you just had lunch with the author in Greektown. As he told his wife when they first met, he promises to be entertaining.


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